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Cute figures by magicbeanbuyer

Oh gosh, it has been a while since my latest post here. I was so very busy with my photography I ended up forgetting other pleasures. So sorry for that! I still keep an eye on all the Flick groups I manage and let me start the summer craft blogging with something really cute. Check out below.

Look what I saw from the group pool!

These cute Mr & Mrs are so nice I am very tempted to make original wedding suppliers list.  Created by magicbeanbuyer from the USA and she delivers worldwide! She sells her handmade items on

magicbeanbuyer Etsy Shop


Bracelet watch by mandymoo

Check out this beautifully made bracelet watch from mandymoo. Made with fused purple blue dichroic glass. This particular bracelet is called Monet Blue and costs $38.00 and you can buy it from her Etsy shop.


Spotlight: Jen Leheny


Jen Leheny is a 37yr old and very creative mum  from Canberra (Australia) WAHM

Areas of interest
sewing, art, collage

Why do you create?
Sometimes I think I have to create just because I have to use up all the fabric, paint and books that I keep buying! Truth is I do it simply because I love it and it keeps me happy and fulfilled.
Favourite materials
I love cotton prints and I love printed paper. I especially love turning them into amazing things with glue or sewing machine.

Source of inspiration
I buy heaps of magazines and books and I have thousands of sites on my Bloglines that I try in vain to keep up with.

I am very lucky to have a large studio attached to the house where I can keep all my stuff and all my books. I have a sewing station, papercraft area, cutting and pattern table and computer area. It seems that I am always tidying and reorganising and I am trying hard not to buy anything else until I use up a lot of what I have stockpiled.
Jen's Atelier
Jen’s beautiful creations can be seen on her blog at and her online store – She also sell her products and a couple of markets in Canberra ands he have some things at a gallery/store called in.cube8r in Melbourne.


Spotlight: Margarida Sardo


Margarida Sardo, 29 years old, a Portuguese girl living between Portugal and England! I’m a biologist, currently taking a PhD in Environmental Toxicology.

Areas of interest:

My areas of interest (speaking about crafts) are the creative process, the search for inspiration… I also want to learn new techniques to use in my crafts.

Why do you create?
I create unique and funky felt crafts: brooches, softies, hair clips, bookmarks, pincushions, key-rings and pouches.
Favourite materials:
Felt! I also love buttons (specially vintage) and ribbons.

Source of inspiration:
I’m a very visual person and I’m inspired by life in general, patterns, colours, art galleries, books. Sometimes just a piece of fabric or a button are enough. Mozart really inspires me!


My workspace is a small room and I share the space with my main job.

Margarida’s cute creations can be found on, and

Eikumpel offers 15% discount when you purchase from her  etsy store until 22nd february, don’t forget to mention “swaps and crafts”.


Spotlight: Jessica Mattingly


Jessica Mattingly is a 29 year-old doctoral student in clinical psychology from Chicago, IL

Areas of intertest:
Well, professionally speaking, I plan to work with survivors of sexual violence with a treatment method called ‘dialectical behavior therapy’. I am interested in doing outreach to promote awareness of the systemic issues associated with sexual violence in our society. I also hope to work with classical musicians on performance enhancement and performance anxiety (I’m a *retired* musician myself). I’m passionate about teaching as well, so maybe a future gig as an adjunct professor would be cool, too.

My areas of interest craft-wise are always changing. Right now I’m learning to spin yarn on a wheel vs. on a drop spindle. I really want to expand my techniques with spinning to make more funky and eclectic art yarns. I’m also starting to explore dying fibers.

I have plans for the distant future to start carding my own fiber batts and also take a class in glass fusing. I think it’s important to always have in mind where you would like to go next with what you’re doing, regardless of how far ahead in the future it might be.

Why do you create?
I have discovered that I am a creative individual whose emotions seem to demand a larger capacity than my physical body can hold. The creative process enables me to release some of that emotional intensity I experience. It’s a calming, relaxing, and soothing activity for me. It keeps me sane 😀

Favourite materials:
Anything tangible! But right now I’m pretty obsessed with glass cabs and wool roving and batts.

Source of inspiration:
My inspiration comes from whatever I’m currently experiencing emotionally or cognitively. I’m the oldest of eight, and I think of them often when I’m making something.

Your atelier/workspace :
I create in my dining room. So, my dining room is really a ‘work room’. It’s over run with beads, paper, glue, wool, and glass. My spinning wheel is in my living room.

Jessica’s beautiful creations can be found on and
Jessica on Flickr

Jessica is offering 10% off your next purchase, don’t forget to mention “Crafters HQ” in the “notes to seller” at checkout.



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